Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Silence is Loud Giveaway!

For reaching 500 followers!

To enter:

Ends on July 1st, 2011


Zoya: Mod Matte: Lolly

Just some photos of my free Zoya polish I chose.
Zoya was giving away one free polish a little over a week ago and you just paid shipping costs.


Sara Hassan's Giveaway!


ENDS ON JUNE 10, 2011


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beauty Blogger Round-up!

Polish Insomniac shows off her Devious Nature
From Mascara to Meatloaf has a few OPI previews
StylEyes has the scoop on Makeup and Acne
Beauty Thesis reviews Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
Purrceptive Vixen shows off a Pink, Black, and Yellow Look
Gloss and Sticks wants to show off her Pirates of the Caribbean by OPI collection
The Product Junkie recognizes Kerry Washington as a Beauty Icon
Killer Lipgloss reviews Amazing Cosmetics
Midnight Manicures has some Nufo holographic goodness to show you
Glitter Gloss Garbage is giving away Nivea
Addicted to all Things Pretty Shows you how to Pin Curl hair and a brief hair buying guide


Saturday, May 28, 2011

E.L.F Cosmetics Order!

So last Sunday I ordered from e.l.f Cosmetics when they had a sale. If you spent $25.00 you got 10 free mineral eyeshadows! So of course I ordered. The eyshadows are $3.00/piece so $30.00 for free! Can't beat it.

Personally I feel the e.l.f can be deceiving with their packaging because it looks a little on the "cheap" side so automatically you think, oh these products must be terrible, but I honestly love them!

Here's what I bought!

Packaging always comes in a nice bag!
(This is my 3rd order with them)

Lipsticks: Classy, Nostalgic, Captivating, Flirtacious

Top Row: Mineral Infused Face Primer, High Definition Powder, Candid Coral
Bottom Row: Giddy Gold, Peachy Keen

10 Free Eyeshadows
Golden, Earthy, Caffeinated, Wild, Elegant, Girly, Seductive, Natural, Flirty, Angelic

I shall eventually get some swatches done for you guys!
Until next post :)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Manicure

Just a few quick photos of my manicure for this weekend!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty Edgy Nails Giveaway!

Pretty Edgy Nails is having a giveaway for reaching 50 followers!
Go show some love :)

Here's the link to enter:

It ends on JUNE 30, 2011


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pink, Black & Yellow Look!

I didn't come up with a name for this one, haha.

Here is what I used...

Hard Cany - Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer
Revlon Age Defying Foundation in Light/Medium
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Light/Medium
Benefit High Brow
Make Up Forever HD Powder (LOVE!!!)
e.l.f Blush in Blushing Rose

Glamour Doll Eyes "Foil Me"
NYX Eyeshadow Base White

Fresh eyeshadow trio - only used the black (Night Essence)
FaceFront "Paint Me Perfect" in Little Gremlin
Glamour Doll Eyes in Disco White (FAVORITE)
MAC pigment in Primary Yellow
FaceFront "Paint Me Perfect" in Heroic

Hope you liked the look! Here are some more finished photos!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!!


Victoria's Secret Perfect Lip Stick

Just a small review on a lipstick I recently purchased from Victoria's Secret!
It's called "Heated"

Very soft lip stick. It goes on a lot more sheer than it looks.
I like it alot, very pretty.

Top it with some clear gloss and you're good to go!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunny Days Eye Look

I started getting back into coming up with eye looks!
I hope you lik this one. I don't know what inspired it because I never wear these colors.
(Click to enlarge, they look better then!)

This is what I used to achieve this look....

- FaceFront Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Tigresa Morpheta
- MAC shadow in Electric Coral
- Rocket City shadow in It's Spacey

Hope you enjoyed!
More photos of this look on my Facebook page:

ALSO, Don't forget to enter my "Hell of It" Giveaway!


Free Nail Polish! Today ONLY

Zoya is having small promotion today!
(Ends at 11:59pm Eastern)
Receive one free nail polish, just pay S&H! (which is $6.95)

These are the collections you can choose from...

ENTER CODE: SUMMER1 at checkout!!!!

Have a great day!


Tan in a Can!

My experiences with self tanner have been horrid. I can never find one that is convenient and doesn't look horrible, that doesn't break the bank. I've tried Jergens, Sunny Days, Bare Bronze, and a few others. They just simply take too long, streak, or despite exfoliating, STILL stain the knees and elbows. What the heck?

Well I decided to venture into Bath and Body Works to pick up some Secret Wonderland body wash and spray and ended up browsing. I cam accross their "True Blue" body collection. There was a gtradual lotion tanner, and I am just like, nope...Kept browsing and found the "True Blue" Fast Drying All Angle Airbrush Tan.

I sprayed it on my arm, paid for my things and left. The next morning when I woke up, WOW BEAUTIFUL bronze glowing color! I was shocked! I immediatley went back and bought 3 more. They were buy 2 get 1 free. (They are $15.00/ 1 can)

I've used it on my arms and legs, back, and upper chest area. I have had no issues. It is so easy to apply. Dries completely in about 15 minutes. (I stand in front of a fan!) There is a slight smell in while applying, but it goes away. Color developed for me in about 5-6 hours.

It says you can re-apply 8 hours later and then every 2-3 days for upkeep. So far I have used just one can about 4 times...so I think it is worth it! I love this product, and I don't have to stand 20 minutes in a tanning booth, and well since PA doesn't want Summer sun to come, I can enjoy my TAN IN A CAN!!!

ENDS JUNE 25, 2011



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